Week 9: Ten-Minute Challenge Roundup

Wow there were lots and lots of projects finished and posted as we move into October. Congratulations to everyone who put in at least ten minutes a day, and to all those who finished mats and dyeing projects this week! Please post pictures of everything you complete during this challenge on the Rug Hooking Daily forum for our group so we can keep a good record of the inspiring progress we are making as a group.

This challenge in ongoing, and people can join whenever they are so moved. Just email me your name so I can put you on the official list, and join our discussion forum on Rug Hooking Daily which we are using for a central location to put up our finished rugs and talk amongst ourselves. I still hope we can break 100 challengers by Halloween.

The rugs I'm reposting here as part of this week's roundup post were originally posted by their creators on Rug Hooking Daily.

Congratulations to Vickey Brickle-Macky for hooking and posting these imaginative pieces, all her own original designs:

Congratulations to Robin Rennie who hooked these fabulous geometrics this month, both designed by her:

Congratulations to Sondra Ives for finishing her original design, "Oh so blue," and her Karen Kahle Moss Rose handbag:

Congratulations to Lurie McAdow for finishing her original design "Peek-A-Boo" this month! And to me for finishing Mr. Bonz (photo taken by Lurie McAdow):