Creating neutrals

For the Palette Dyeing rug camp, I have been working on creating neutrals which aren't part of the color wheel, but are necessary for our rugs. Neutrals are made by mixing complementary colors on the color chart. The opposite colors tend to neutralize each other and you end up with some form of brown. So far I have mixed even amounts of my red and green palette dyes, and my yellow and purple. I ended up with a burgundy brown (red-green) and a creamy brown (yellow/purple). This week I will mix my final neutral with my orange and blue and I will post the results so you can see the different range of neutrals I got from this process.

I have decided to use a complimentary color scheme on my Monthly Reflections Rug, using my palette dyed wools: 11=PURPLE and 5=YELLOW plus the neutral created from their combination. I am going to alternate blocks, one purple, the next yellow, and so forth. The borders will be hooked with the neutral wool.

I am off to Kinko's to enlarge the patterns I have drawn for my first two blocks (September and October) for my Monthly Reflections Rug. Once I get it drawn on, I will get to work hooking them, so I can get caught up and be ready for November's theme when it comes in the church newsletter. It is not too late for others to join the five of us who are creating Monthly Reflections Rugs. Just come on over to Rug Hooking Daily and join our group and the challenge creating a rug month-by-month!