Laurie Lausen in Wool Steet Journal, and an unrelated tale of Alex

My copy of The Wool Street Journal just arrived this afternoon and I smiled to see fellow blogger Laurie Lausen and The Wooly Red Rug featured. I have never visited The Wooly Red Rug because I have never visited Minneapolis. But if I ever get to Minneapolis, her shop will be one of my destinations!

For those of us in Texas, there was also a feature on Tricia Travis' second annual hooked rug wool gathering in Fredericksburg. Being a mom of a kindergartner and a professor, the end of August is a bad time for me. So I didn't make it, but sure wish I had.

Hum. There appears to be a theme of longing in this post...

While I have been writing this, my five-year old is drawing with his best friend who is also five and who he has known since he was three. He just told her that he wished he could marry her one day. She replied, "Maybe you will." He said to her, "I thought you wanted to live with your mom." She said, "Maybe I will get married."