Mr. Bonz revealed

Now that the challenge is over, I can post pictures of Mr. Bonz. I created the skull for my son who wanted me to hook a skeleton for the challenge. Since an entire skeleton was too much for my 10-by-10 inch mat, we settled on a skull.

I have been wanting to try to hook by using values instead of colors, so that is what I did with Mr. Bonz. It was not easy. I took pictures of him a couple of times while I was hooking the skull and converted them to black and white in iphoto so I could see the values better. When I saw a value too dark or too light in the black and white photo, I pulled it out and tried something different until the photo looked correct. I especially worked on the areas around his eyes and his cheeks where many strips appeared too dark.

This is what he looks like now, in color and in black and white.

To finish Mr. Bonz, I prodded mummy gauze on the bottom, and used off-white wool to bind it. I bought a plastic skeleton and sawed off the skull. I hung the skeleton on my wall and Mr. Bonz over the top. Here he is in my living room. Alexander is pleased as punch who picked out a skeleton costume for himself for Halloween. Here he is modeling it.