Gerber Daisy Cup Coaster

Another gift idea with the holidays approaching. This time it is an oversized gerber daisy cup coaster with a china mug.

I just sketched the daisy on my linen. I didn't draw some petals long enough, so I just drew over them. It won't matter since the lines are only meant to be rough guides to my hooking.

I hooked the center first with yellow using value #1 around outside of center, #2 around next, #4 and #5 in middle. Then I set my petal hue #8 next to the yellow and #7 next to it. At the end of the process I didn't like this choice and replaced it with brown.

I hooked my dark values, #7 and #8 around the edges of the petals that are behind the other petals. I hooked #3 and #4 around the edges of the petals that are on top. I hooked #5 and #6 around the petals in between the #7-8 and #3-4 petals. I hooked #1 and #2 inside the #3-4 petals.

I filled in #5-6 petals with #3 and #4, and the #7-8 petals with #6. Then I finished the edge by using a zigzag stretch stitch close to the edge of the hooking. I trimmed it next to the stitching and clipped the areas where the petal edge jutted inwards. I used 3/4" strip of wool, attaching it with a whip stitch by hand and catching every loop all the way around. Then I tacked it down on the back all the way around. I steam pressed it really well to flatten.