Look what I got for my birthday!

I turned 46 this past week. I cannot believe how fast the years are advancing. It was only yesterday that I was 26 and my mom was 46. Alexander will turn 6 on December 15th. It was only yesterday that I birthed him and held his warm wet body in my arms for the first time and gazed at him in amazement.

Even my sister Tiffany commented on the passage of time this year, writing to me via e-mail (she lives in Michigan, and I in Texas): "Speaking of birthdays, can you believe you will be 46 years old? Where are the years going?" Keep in mind that she is three years younger than me.

Tiffany sent me a very special package with a rug she hooked to celebrate my birthday. She is a fine-cut hooker and creates wonderful realistic pieces. This particular piece she started in Donna Hrkman's class at Sauder Village. Donna was showing the class how to concentrate on lights and darks in order to create shapes when hooking. And look at the roundness of Tiffany's pears. She was able to capture the shapes perfectly by hooking her lightest values in the areas of the pear where the natural light would hit the skin. The other thing she did was hook a line around the two pears in the foreground slightly lower than the rest of her hooking. This helps to pop the front pears out. These techniques can be used for any cut wool, to create eye-catching rugs.

A fantastic fruit study...and a great rug for my dining room table!