Create a wool feather tree for the holidays!

Jan (second on left) hosted a fun make-it-and-take-it feather tree project at My Little House rug hooking studio today. None of us knew what we were doing, but Jan and Martha (kneeling in front) brought along directions from Snippets and Scraps blog which you can find HERE. We individually ended up modifying the directions a bit in order to create the trees each of us wanted. So this is what I did to create the tree pictured.


1/4 yd. wool: I used natural; others used green or brown or plaid
1 pack, 18 gauge FABRIC wrapped floral stem wire (the fabric wrap is essential to keep the wool from rolling)
1 roll of floral tape: I used white; others used brown or green
craft fabric glue that dries clear, or a hot glue gun
1 dowel: 1/4" - 12" long (or whatever size you want) and sharpened on one end with a pencil sharpener
wire cutters
sharp scissors
needle nosed pliers
Wire Preparation
Cut these wire lengths
7" - 6
6" - 5
5" - 4
4" - 3
4 1/2" - 1

Make a little rounded hook on the end of each wire with your pliers. On the other end, mark a line 1" from bottom. This marks where you will stop wrapping the wool.

Dowel Preparation
On dowel, make a mark 3" from top, 4 1/2" from the top, 6" inches from top, and then 7 1/2" from the top. These are the lines you will use to place your branches and wrap them on the dowel.
Wool Preparation
Rip your wool in a long strip 1 1/4" wide. Fringe along the long edge of the wool, cutting narrow fringe (1/8-1/4" fringe width) about 1 inch deep into the strip. This will leave 1/4" uncut.
Wrapping the wires with the wool fringe
Take a piece of fringe and attach the hooked end of the wire to the first fringe so that hook catches the 1/4" between the first and second fringe. Daub a bit of glue on the spot and wrap the wool tauntly down the wire. Daub a bit of glue as you go. Stop at the 1" line and daub some more glue. Clothespin to hold while it dries and set aside. Do this to all your wires.
Attaching the branches to the dowel
Wrap the 1" ends of your wires with floral tape and attach each separately to the dowel by wrapping the dowel (per photo). The 4 1/2" branch is wrapped at the top of the dowel on the sharpened end. The 4" branches are wrapped at the first black line; the 5: branches are wrapped at the second black line; and so forth. Be sure to wrap each of the ends of the wires and then attach to the dowel with further wrapping. The entire dowel will be wrapped with tape so that there is no exposed wood when finished.

Stick bottom end of the dowel in a fancy old spool or pot