Rug retrospective 2009: New Ideas

2009 brought with it a healthy wave of new ideas and new rug initiatives including the already-mentioned TEN MINUTE CHALLENGE. The first milestone of the challenge is fast-approaching: the six-month drawing for one of my pocket purses. We will continue with the challenge, and a second drawing mid-summer.

In the summer, a number of women from the Stash Sisters who cannot meet during the weekdays due to work schedules, got together and decided to open up a hooking circle at a local church (Bethany Christian Church on Westheimer) so we could hook another Saturday each month (the third Saturday 11-3). We call ourselves the Kirby Hooking Circle and we have had a wonderful time hooking together. We are a casual informal group with no agenda other than providing a space and time for rug hookers to gather and hook together. On June 26, 2010, 9-4, we are organizing a Midsummer's Hook In, complete with vendors and a rug challenge. The challenge is to hook a sun and/or moon in a 12" by 12" mat or similarly-sized project (approximately 144 square inches). Our theme is from Shakespeare who wrote in The Midsummer Night's Dream: "The object of art is to give life a shape." Contact for more information: Lurie McAdow (

Another new idea this year was to create a space for virtual rug camps on the internet hooking network, Rug Hooking Daily. Three went up in the fall (hopefully more people will set up other camps this next year): a sketchbook camp led by Heidi Wulfraat; a rug hooking merit program led by Phyllis Lindblade; and a palette dyeing group led by me. All of these camps are wonderful and provide a way to learn more about rug hooking while at home. Each camp allows the campers to move at their own pace and is open to new members at any time. Joining is as easy as signing on to Rug Hooking Daily and clicking a button to join. The expense is whatever materials the campers purchase to complete the projects.

The other initiative this year was to try to hook a monthly meditation rug using the monthly theme provided by my church. This rug has been difficult for me to get underway, but I finally am getting a handle on it over the Christmas holiday, although I am having to reformulate my concept for my rug. The dual colors isn't working, so I am going to turn it into a color wheel rug where each month is going to represent one of the colors on the wheel.