Loopgram: Hooking Art Journal

For years I have collected images from newspapers, copies from books, photos, sketches. They have floated around my house, and been forgotten. A few months ago, when I joined The Welcome Mat, I also joined the Creation and Expansion group. There the women were talking about art journaling. I had never thought about creating a visual journal before - I am so word-oriented! - so this was a new idea for me. I started exploring the web for information about art journaling and found that one of the women in the group, Autumn Hathaway, teaches people how to journal visually and had a great website showing her beautiful use of collage and fabric. The art journal pages that all the women of this group have created have been very inspiring for me.

So I thought about adapting this idea to rug hooking, and set about gathering all the scraps that had been floating around my house, and pasting them into a journal, leaving space on the pages to add new scraps as I come across them in the future. I am finding the art journal to be a very helpful way to go because it not only is a storage device, but also a designing device because it begins the organization process visually on a page.

Since my next FUN hooking project will be inventing a stand up scarecrow for autumn, I thought it would be fun to show you my scarecrow page, and follow my creative process for this scarecrow step-by-step in future posts. So here is my journal page, where I start my design.