Flower Pin Day challenge to mark the first day of summer

Brenda Beerhorst over on Kinship in Color and Wool put up a colorful post about the flower pins that she and her family have been making. Love the sock monsters pictured!

I always love flower pins and try to make a flower pin following each camp, hook-in or class I attend, using the discarded bits and scraps from all who hooked in my class. I should have marked the back of the pins to remember which classes, because now I have forgotten the details! But alas, I still have the pins and where them everyday on my hooking apron.

Anyway Brenda has inspired me to make the first day of summer Flower Pin Day. If you hook a flower pin this week and send me a picture (adeconick@rice.edu) by June 21st, the first day of summer, I will try to post them here to celebrate the day!