Starting the stand-up scarecrow while Transfiguration stalls

The good news is that I spent last evening drawing my stand-up scarecrow and transferring him to an old piece of white linen backing that I had on hand and need to use up.

The bad news is that the wool I dyed for the lower register background behind wind woman in Transfiguration is not hooking well. The color is fine, thankfully. It is the wool that is bad. I ran out of Dorr White and so I used another white I had picked up along the way, not giving it a second thought. After dyeing, the material turned out to be lighter weight and more rigid than its Dorr counterpart so when it is hooked, it doesn't soften and fill the holes properly. It looks too different from the Dorr wool to keep it in the rug. URG. So more reverse hooking and more redying. And to make matters worse, when I phoned Dorr this morning to inquire why white wool was not on their website, I discovered it is back ordered and the new shipment won't be in until next week. So Transfiguration is on hold for a couple more weeks.

In the meantime, I might as well work on the stand-up scarecrow. Wow, I might be early with my autumn decorations!

Alex has his own worries about this next project. He keeps asking me, "Where are his eyes?" I keep having to remind him, "They will be buttons."