Sunflowers galore

I never thought too much about sunflowers until about ten years ago when I was living in Illinois and riding my horse around Moraine View State Park. Some of the farmers in the area plant sunflowers, fields and fields of glowing yellow faces turned toward the sun, carpets of gold waving as far as the eye could see. Sunflowers galore. So sunflowers have memories of the musky sweat of my horse and cantering with the wind on my face. When I hook them, I remember those carefree days on the trails in the sun and shade.

As I get ready to start the stand-up scarecrow, I did an internet search for pictures of sunflowers and pasted them in my art journal. I want to study their centers and colors and see if I can duplicate some of them on this piece. I am also thinking about the Flower Pin Challenge (read about it HERE), that my flower will be a sunflower.