What a difference the color makes

I wasn't satisfied with the colors I hooked in the shirt of Scare-Jack, nor did I like the shape of his collar because it reminded me of a clown rather than a scarecrow. So out it came yesterday.

Since I am waiting on Dorr white wool to arrive, I had to make do with the wool in my rug closet. I really want Scare-Jack to be orange and purple and black, so I pulled what wool I had left from an old very purple coat. I put it in my dye pot with a bit of wetter-than-wet and let it sit until quite a bit of color was released. I then took some off-white remnant piece I had and a few other light colored textured wools and stewed them all together. Here is a picture of the results. What I needed was a light purple value which I didn't have that would blend with the bright purple coat wool. I got it!

Last night I reworked the style of the neckline, introducing a tied handkerchief in place of the clown collar, and brought in the purples I had created in the stew pot. Although I will probably continue to fiddle with a few of the strips, I am happy enough with the results to move on with hooking the next part of the piece.