"Experiencing Layers", a painting

One of my catch up words for the creation and expansion group on the Welcome Mat has been "layers". I have been wondering what to do with this word. I have been inspired by Cathy's beautiful watercolors of gardens and sunflowers to try to paint a flower with acrylics. I have mainly painted with watercolor (years ago!) which does not layer very well. I have been wanting to see what it would be like to paint with a medium that allowed me to layer. So everything came together yesterday and I worked a flower on canvas because Michael's had a good sale on canvas and I thought "why not?" So its not in my journal although it is an entry in my mind.

So here is my interpretation of "layers," layers upon layers of color, golds and yellows and greens and purples, pulled through and on top of each other, mixed together, each its own, but brushed collectively to form a sunflower, that ended up looking like a chrysathemum! This project was more about me "experiencing" the process of layering than about creating an entry that depicts layers.

This project has made me want to create a huge floral rug - one flower taking up the center-space of a three-by-three foot rug.