Creative rug hooking

I am starting a blog called Red Jack Rugs in blogger. It should feed into The Welcome Mat. For those who don't know me, I started rug hooking in 1995 when I took a two-session introduction to primitive rug hooking taught by Robin Rennie in the old parlor of Waterloo Historical Farmhouse, Michigan. Since that time, I moved to Illinois, married, had a baby boy at age 40, and moved again to Texas where I live now.

When I had Alexander, I found it impossible to continue hooking since I am also a full-time professor. So I am returning to making rugs after a five-year hiatus. I wanted to start this blog because rug hooking is an art that has become extremely meaningful to me since it allows me to express myself in creative ways that I can not do otherwise. I spend so much time in my left-brain, living the life of the mind as an academic, that my rug hooking gives me the space and moments I need to let my right-brain free.

So this blog will have many purposes. I want to organize my own rug past here. I also will use it to share my current projects as they come together. So I wish to write here my rug hooking autobiography.

My plan also is to post occasionally "instructional" items which I will call "loopgrams." They will amount to tips and tidbits that I have learned along the way about hooking rugs.

I hope to use my sidebar as a resource for other rug hookers, with links to vendors, resources, networks, teachers, camps, events, and groups, particularly those in Texas. So if you have links to any of these items you would like me to include, simply put them in the comments or email me at

Over the next year, I hope to build up a number of pattern projects that I will offer for purchase in the sidebar under "Red Jack Rug Patterns." I am also working on a dye book for my specialty dyes which have a golden base that lends them luminosity.