Loopgram: Creating Labels for rugs

I went to JoAnne's this morning with Alexander, looking for ink-jet fabric to make labels. This is something new for me. None of my other rugs are labeled and I thought that it might be a good idea to start. The only fabric "paper" I could find was either iron-on or peel-and-stick. The one thing I don't want is a label that adheres directly to the rug because then it can never be removed without destroying the fibers.

My father once hot-glued a small weaving I had made to fabric to frame it. When I wanted to take the weaving out of the frame years later, I had a mess because the glue had adhered to the fibers. The back of my weaving did not survive.

So never again. What I am going to do is stick the label to another piece of fabric, cut around it leaving a bit of an edge, and then hand-tack the label to the back of the rug. When I finish, I will post a picture of the results. I am trying the fabric made by Printed Treasures because it got raving reviews on-line, while all the others did not.