Trouble with Transfiguration

I am disappointed. I thought that I finally had the right combination going on with the hills behind wind woman. To get some motion, I hooked behind her on a slight curve some light grays I had dyed. At first it looked correct. But after hooking all evening and laying the rug down to view, I went "ick." Even the slight movement of the curve and the slight variation of the grays is distracting.

So it is going to be back to the dye pot this afternoon after work. I need to dye a bit deeper gray with no mottling at all. Then I need to dye a deep dark purple. I am unsure if I need a second gray, or if the two colors behind her will be enough.

More reverse hooking for me this week. This has been by far the most challenging and frustrating rug I have ever hooked.

Will this rug ever be satisfied?