Loopgram: Hooking eyes

Last night I finished hooking "Meet me in Paris" but I can't post a picture of it until my sister is on the plane Tuesday. I want her to be surprised. So check back then for a picture.

I have to bind off all three pocket packs and sew the packs today. So I have a lot to do.

After finishing "Meet me in Paris," I went back and studied the frog's eyes on Madison's mat. I haven't been satisfied with them. Even though the photo's of frog's eyes have a tiny white line around the black center, I felt that this line was closing off the hooked eye. So I pulled it out and adjusted the eye, including a bigger white reflection dot.

I was careful to keep the eye from bulging by keeping the top lid line so that it cuts across the top of the black part of the eye (so that you don't have a round black circle, but a circle with the top cut off). If you hook a black round circle that the top lid line goes around, you end up with an eye that pops out and looks unnatural. I also expanded the jaw line to give a more rounded feel to the mouth.

Alexander says that it looks like a baby frog now - so the bigger black area has made enough of a difference that a 5-year old recognizes it as a "baby" now!

This is the result: