Getting ready for my sister's visit

Each morning we have been marking the calendar, counting the days left until my sister and her family fly from Michigan to Texas for a week-long visit. Only two more days now. Alexander told me tonight as I finished binding another of the pocket pack mats, "Mom. I think you are going to have to stay home tomorrow or you won't finish." Hum...I think he is right. I have one more mat to bind off, one more pocket pack to sew, and all three to tack on the packs. I promise to post pictures Tuesday, once I know they are on the plane.

On Thursday, we are heading over to San Antonio and since Tiffany is a hooker too - fine-cut and shading - we are going to frequent some of the Texas rug hooking shops in the hill country area while we stay there the weekend. So I plan to post about our rug hooking family adventures as we go along. At the very least, we plan to go out to Country Gatherings in San Antonio on Friday, and then Stonehill in Fredricksburg on Saturday. If you have other suggestions for us to check out, please post them in the comments. Neither of us is from Texas, so we don't know all the ins and outs of rug shops here yet!