Loopgram: Proddy perspective

While my sister was visiting from Michigan, I didn't get too much done in terms of actual hooking. I did manage to prod one sunflower and hook one pant leg. Last night I hooked the another sunflower. Both flowers turned out well.

The top flower, I tried to get a perspective other than straight on. I did this by hooking the center as an oval and prodding smaller petals along the upperside than the lowerside of the flower. The center is hooked as a half, so that the hooking doesn't go in a full circle except for the center black which is a small round placed at the top edge of the big oval. For the petals, I used some yellow-green wool that I picked up from Stonehill while we were in the Hill Country.

I tried to create a raised fuzzy center for the bigger sunflower with green scraps I dug out of my bits-n-strips bag. The perspective is straight on, so the center is round and the petals are evenly sized and distributed.

I'm not too excited about Scare-Jack yet, just want to get him done. I am still waiting for my Dorr white wool to come in, when I can return to dyeing and hooking Transfiguration, a piece I started last August and want to finish up as quickly as I can so I can hang her above my fireplace mantel.