The Ten-Minute Rug Hooking Challenge and Pocket Pack Drawing

I am always up for a good challenge, especially when it comes to rug hooking. Over the years, I have found myself struggling to find time to rug hook, and even found myself setting aside my hook for five years after giving birth at forty to a beautiful baby boy, Alexander. As a full-time professor and older mom, I was too tired to care whether I hooked rugs or not. Then the three of us moved to Texas, and I found myself alone, removed from the large Midwest rug hooking community I had enjoyed. It took me a few years to adjust to my new home and job and find a new rug hooking community in Houston which has reinvigorated me and my love of rug hooking.

So I have decided to house a few rug hooking challenges here on Red Jack Rugs, in the hope that together we might support and inspire each other to "make rugs" even though we live far apart. I have put a menu bar at the top of my blog now (hope you like it) and will be placing permanent information (Rug Challenges button) there on each challenge as they develop.

This first challenge is called the Ten-Minute Rug Hooking Challenge and its inspiration is from my teaching. My graduate students are always asking me how I write so many articles and publish so many books. I tell them, "Between classes. Every ten minutes adds up."

So my thought is, let's apply that to rug hooking and make it even more fun by including a prize give-away, one of my 10 by 10 pocket packs which I will hook and sew and give to one of the formal challenge participants every January 31st for as many years as this challenge goes on.

Here are the guidelines:

1. Work on your rug at least 10-minutes a day, six days out of the week, except holidays, for at least six months. "Work" includes anything rug-related: designing, drawing, laying out, dyeing, hooking, binding, even shopping for materials and attending guild. NOTE that the 10-minutes is not accumulative, so if you hook for 30-minutes one day, this does not count as three 10-minute days. The challenge is to work on your rugs at least 10 minutes every day. You are your own log-keeper.

2. Send me your name and e-mail address (click my menu button "Contact" and send me this information via email with the flag: Ten-Minute Challenge) so that I can include your name in the formal participant list and drawing. There will be a drawing every January 31st for everyone who is participating formally in this challenge. I will create one of my 10 by 10 pocket packs and give it away to one of the formal participants through a blind drawing.

3. Copy the challenge badge in my sidebar and upload it on your own blog, webpage, or network page like you might have on The Welcome Mat or Rug Hooking Daily. This badge is meant to serve as a visual cue to inspire you and others who visit your website or blog to rug hook every day. If you don't have an internet "home", then you might print out the badge and make a pin for yourself to wear or post it near your rug hooking station.

4. Leave comments on your progress, struggles, questions, encouragements and accomplishments in the Ten-Minute Rug Hooking Challenge Forum (a box located in my sidebar).

5. Have fun making rugs!