Why join the Ten-Minute Rug Hooking Challenge?

Several rug hookers have already taken up the TEN-MINUTE RUG HOOKING CHALLENGE (see the sidebar list of our names). So we are off to a good start. "Enrollment" is open and ongoing. Just send me your name and email address and I'll put in on the membership list.

Lois D. Griffith of Columbus, Indiana wrote to me yesterday about the challenge via email. Her comments were so inspiring that I asked her if I might post them on my blog this morning. With her permission, I share her story with you. She writes:

I would love to join the challenge. One time a quilter said to me, "I just don't seem to get much quilting done". My answer was, "Just quilt 15 minutes every day and you'll be amazed at what you accomplish." Later that month she told me I had tricked her. She said she sat down to quilt for 15 minutes and an hour later she realized that the time had flown by....but she got a lot done. Sometimes we just have to get started.

I started out as a quilter in the days when I had small children. I was also making their clothes and found that the only way to accomplish things was 1. Leave things out (this saved getting organized everytime and anything easier made it more appealing). Hooking on a floor frame makes the work accessible and easy to sit down at for a few minutes at a time. 2. Working in small blocks of time ( I clean the same way. If I don't set the clock, pretty soon I'm doing baseboards and bookshelves and I don't get any rug hooking done!).

I've been "preaching" this method for a long time. I don't usually join things, but since I feel so strongly about it, I thought I better be a supporter.

Lois D. Griffith
Columbus, IN