Scare-Jack hat and rug design

I have been continuing to work on Scare-Jack as I wait for the Dorr white wool to arrive so I can get dyeing and finishing Transfiguration. I have written the poem that will accompany Transfiguration and am considering creating some type of word rug to put the poem on, but more on that in another post at another time.

One of the reasons that I don't have a bunch of patterns loaded into my Pattern Mart (see my new menu bar above!) for sale is that I don't like to sell a pattern that I haven't hooked myself. The reason for this is that never, and I mean never, does the pattern I initially draw become the pattern that I execute in the rug. I am always needing to adjust the elements as I hook.

Why? Because drawing a successful rug pattern is just not the same as drawing a picture. A rug pattern usually has to be a VERY simplified picture. As far as hooking the element, unless I have a photo or some other visual, forget it. It just ends up looking flat or wrong.

Take Scare-Jack's hat. This is my initial drawing which I thought looked good and would be easily hooked. Right. I hooked it and hated it so much that I ripped it out before I could take a picture of it to show you. The prodded flower was too much, the color was all wrong. I tried to hook it with basket-like colors to achieve a straw hat which is what I wanted. But the rug didn't want that, at least how I had hooked it up to that point. It wanted a hat to match his pants and gloves which were hooked in blacks and other dark colors.

So I went to the computer and began searching for images of hats and I decided that I liked this famous hat in Vincent van Gogh's Self-Portrait. Could I hook something similar? This is the result which clinches Jack!

Today Alexander and I will try making the eyes...What will we come up with?