A Field of Iris

Sunday afternoon I got out the paints again and worked up a bigger canvas 24 by 30.

I am finding that I love painting with acrylics. There is so much more I can do with them than watercolor. I wish I had just left watercolor and gone over to acrylics years ago when I gave up painting altogether because I couldn't do what I wanted with the watercolors and found painting frustrating and stressful. I couldn't achieve the depth and richness of texture. And the paints were so unforgiving and uncontrollable.

The acrylics are fast, which is how I tend to paint, and can layer, which I love. I am discovering that the process of painting - drawing the wet paints into each other and across the canvas - is exhilarating. Pure joy.

I did this painting a bit different, going in to the background first and then the iris at the end. I am pleased with the result which I'm calling A Field of Iris, although I can't seem to get a good picture of it. My flash keeps bleeding into the painting. Without the flash, the color is wrong. I guess I need to now figure out how to use my camera better.

I continue to contemplate hooking one of these paintings.