Something different with "Meet me in Paris"

My sister asked me to make her a pocket pack with the theme "meet me in Paris." Tall order. What to do?

I browsed internet images of Paris and was inspired to make a collage "postcard" with my own memories of Paris when I traveled there a few years ago for an academic conference. So the collage had to have the red bus tour which I took the day I got off the plane and was waiting for my hotel room to be readied. The Eiffel Tower, the Arch, Notre Dame, the bridge and river, and a sidewalk cafe.

After drawing this on my backing, I looked at it and thought, how am I going to hook this? After some consideration, I decided to outline everything in black and to proceed to color in the elements with colors of the French countryside. Here is a picture of what I've done so far.

One of the fun things about these 10 by 10 pocket packs, is that they are a good way to try new things whether it be proddy or outlining in B&W or using metallic yarn and other embellishments. They inspire creativity.

These pocket pack mats only take a few days to hook and give a nice break from the bigger more committed projects that I have on-going.

My five-old son just asked me, "Where are you in the picture?" I said that I'm sitting in the cafe drinking tea and looking at the river. It took him a minute, but I think he got it because he is now pretending that he is drinking tea and looking at the water flow.