How did you do this week with the TEN-MINUTE CHALLENGE?

Welcome to all who have joined up this week! We are now forty strong!

A couple of items.

1. If you haven't had a chance to check out the new forum discussion box in the sidebar, it is the red box from the Blog Frog. It works well, but now that a couple of us have been trying to post pictures, I see that it will only allow images with URLs to be posted. It will not browse our computers. So this aspect isn't ideal. The forum box is meant for ongoing discussion and questions for all participating in the TEN-MINUTE CHALLENGE.

2. Please double check that your name is listed in the sidebar box TEN-MINUTE RUG HOOKERS. If you don't see your name and you would like to join, send me your name and e-mail. I have been getting requests from several different venues and I'm worried that I have missed someone who left me a message somewhere.

3. Mondays are special progress report days. I will always put up a post like this where you can leave notes and links to blogs and websites where you have discussed progress and put up pictures. Just use the comments.

What did I do? I dyed and dyed and dyed. And I hooked on Transfiguration. She is almost done. I just need to dye another wool for one more strip of the background. And guess what? It isn't going to be blue, gray, or purple. It needs to be deep brown red. Surprise! I would never have planned this rug that way. But that is how it is turning out now. So I'll be in the dye pot again today.

Here are some posts about the challenge on other blogs that I caught this week:

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My Created Life: "So, I started working on the Ten Minute Rug Hooking Challenge and you can guess what happened. When I pick up my rug hook, even if it’s been literally months, I can’t seem to put it down!"

If I missed your post, please leave a link in the comments!