How to post pictures on the Blog Frog TEN-MINUTE FORUM

I figured out how to share our progress pictures in the Blog Frog forum box (the red box in the sidebar). To post, our pictures have to have a URL address. They cannot be uploaded directly from our computers.

So this is an easy solution. Upload your photo to Rug Hooking Daily network or The Welcome Mat network. Open that photo. This will give the URL for where it is posted on the social network, but it won't work here because it can only be viewed by other people who are in-network. So click directly on the photo itself. This should open the photo into its own window. Nothing else will be on the page except your photo. Copy the URL (http address line). When you come back here to the forum box post, click the mountain image in the menu bar. Copy the URL into the pop up menu. Voila. That will do it.

If you aren't on one of these rug hooking networks, you can try using Flickr or Photobucket.

Hopefully in the future The Blog Frog will modify this function and allow for people to upload images directly from their own computers.