New group created on RUG HOOKING DAILY


Yesterday my plan to dye was cut short when I ran out of a dye I need to create the rest of the background for Transfiguration (will this piece ever get done?!). So I spent some time getting my photos put onto the Rug Hooking Daily social network. It is a network similar to The Welcome Mat. It was created by Heidi Wufraat originally to link together Canadian rug hookers, but it now hosts rug hookers from all over the world. Rug Hooking Daily has all kinds of information about rug hooking posted by rug hookers everywhere.

As far as I can see, the main difference between the networks is that the Rug Hooking Daily thrives on discussions and groups created by its members, rather than run by the designer of the social network itself. So I was just able in seconds to create a group-space for the TEN-MINUTE RUG HOOKERS on Rug Hooking Daily!

Right now I am the only member and I am lonely there...If you want to join this group, go to the main page of Rug Hooking Daily, sign in (you will get your own page if you don't already have one there) and join the TEN-MINUTE RUG HOOKERS group. It will provide another place to post about our progress and hold discussions between us.