Rug Design 101: Initial Decisions

You will need to make some initial decisions about the rug you are designing, but keep in mind that these can be adjusted (and probably will!) later if you change your mind about any of them as you work through the design process.

You need to figure out what size rug you want to design. Will it be a small table mat? A large piece? A REALLY large rug? Are there any space limitations for the rug you have in mind? In your art journal, jot down the size of rug you plan to design.

Rug Art Journal: The Mission Concepción Rug I am designing will be a large rug, in the range of 3' by 5'. Or 2.5' by 6'.

What shape do you want your rug to be? Do you have any space limitations for the completed rug that might dictate the shape? Do you want a rectangle? Square? Round? Half-round? Oval? Triangle? A shape that follows the outline of the motif? The creative thing about rug hooking is that rugs can take any shape you want to give them.

Rug Art Journal: In the case of the Mission Concepción Rug I am designing in this blog series, the shape of the image above the door lends itself quite naturally to a half-round space. But I don't want a half-round rug. I would like a long rectangle.

The function of the rug should be determined. Will it be a floor rug? If so, will it be in a high traffic area or a low traffic area? Will it be a tablemat, a wall hanging, a fire screen, an ornament, a pillow, a handbag, a doll, a bed rug, a Christmas stocking or a piece of clothing?

Rug Art Journal: The Mission Concepción Rug is not being made for a specific place in my home. It will probably be hung. Although I might use it as a wide runner for my dining room table?!