Rug Design 101: What type of rug?

The fourth initial decision that needs to be made in the design process if the type of rug you want to hook. It would be impossible for me to provide an exhaustive list of rug types since the possibilities are unlimited, but here are a few of ideas.

• Celebration rug ~ a rug that celebrates a personal event like the birth of a child, a wedding, an anniversary, a retirement, or a proud achievement
• Commemoration rug ~ a rug that commemorates a local, national, or world event
• Memory rug ~ a rug that records your special memories
• Portrait rug ~ a rug with a portrait of a pet, a favorite person, or even yourself
• Animal rug ~ a rug that shows off your favorite animal, fish, bird, reptile, or insect
• Ethnic rug ~ a rug with formal ethnic motifs (Native American, Persian, Turkish, Colonial American, Celtic, Greek, Indian, African, Hispanic, Asian, on and on)
• Children’s rug ~ a rug based on a children’s drawing
• Pictorial rug ~ a rug that tells the story of a place or landscape
• Geometric rug ~ a rug that is filled with geometric shape
• Floral rug ~ a rug of flowers or herbs or leaves
• Wallpaper rug ~ a rug to match a wallpaper or fabric motif
• Quilt rug ~ a rug inspired by quilt blocks
• Stained glass rug ~ a rug inspired by stained glass art
• Favorite Thing rug ~ a rug honoring your “favorite thing”
• Story rug ~ a rug that tells a story including folk life village story rugs
• Saying rug ~ a rug that has a phrase as a central motif
• Abstract rug ~ a rug of abstract design
• Fruit rug ~ a rug of fruits
• Holiday rug ~ a rug for a special holiday

Rug Art Journal: For the Mission Concepción rug, I think I am in the mood to hook a wide-cut floral using value rather than color as my guide. I want to multiply the floral motif in the rug, making it the dominant feature.