Loopgram: Poison in rugs

Phyllis Lindblad has a very interesting post on her blog RUGHOOKER, about her visit to Sauder Village where she learned about "poison" in rugs from June Mikoryak. Apparently it is a known technique to give rugs a punch. It is where you put a weird strip of color in your rug, something that doesn't really go with the rest of the rug.

I didn't know that this had a name. I came upon it totally by accident this spring, when I was experimenting with color as I hooked. I found that if I put an odd color in a couple of the elements (like the edge of a leaf, or around the toes of a frog) that it looked great, improving the pop of the rug.

So I guess I used "poison" when I hooked Mr. Toad's Garden. It shows up mainly in the veins of the leaves. I hooked them purple and pink and blue when my rug was about orange and yellow. I also used it on Mr. Frog's Pad, hooking weird color around the frog's feet.

I'm so glad to know that this is a named technique, although I would rather call it "Taffy" than "Poison" since it sweetens the rug rather than killing it.

As for "antigodlin," I didn't quite understand this technique (also mentioned by Phyllis in her post). Phyllis will you explain more about it in another post?