Finishing technique

Some of you asked about how I finished Scare Jack. What I did to finish Scare Jack, following Jan's Peckenpaugh's instructions (although I'm not sure that I did it exactly as she had said because I forgot how she sewed the wool on the back):

1. Zig-zagged (stretch stitch) around my rug about 3/4" away from edge of rug. Clipped foundation to zig-zag edge.

1. Took wool that matched my background in 1 1/2 inch strips. Sewed them together so that I had a long enough strip to go all the way around the rug.

2. Hand sewed one edge to the edge of the rug, catching each loop as I do when I put on binding tape. This means I whip the wool on the edge by stitching through each loop to secure the outer edge and bring the wool binding snug to the edge.

3. I folded the wool in half toward the back so that the edges of the wool were even and the foundation between them.

4. I folded the wool in half again toward the back so that it looks like cording. I basted this all the way around.

5. I took embroidery thread and sewed a blanket stitch around the run on the backside, securing the wool edge to the back at the edge of my hooking.

It didn't take any longer than putting on binding tape, and it looks TONS better in my opinion. I have no idea how well this would wear on the floor, but everything I hook is hung, so it doesn't matter to me that my binding be such that it wouldn't wear well.