The crock pot is the way to go!

I know that I posted before that I have become a crock pot convert, but I just marvel that we ever even bothered with other pots and pans! Today when I got home from work, I threw some wool into my crock pot with some dye (okay it is for the Transfiguration rug...the red might not stay at the bottom...I'm trying dark purple now) and turned it on. Then I ran to pick up Alexander from kindergarten. When I got back, I poured in the vinegar, and wow! beautiful dyed wool that I didn't even have to watch or stir. If you put enough water in the crock pot and don't pack the wool, it dyes fairly evenly with little stirring or supervision. No concerns about boiling over, messing up the stove top or oven. Just easy no fuss dyeing.