Loopgram: Rug hangers

Wanda Kerr posted a question today from Kathy about how we hang our rugs. Her question is a good one and I want to mention it here on my blog so that I remember this for the future, the next time I want to hang a rug in my house.

When I was over at Sylvia Hale's home for a rug hooking meeting the week before last, she had one of her rugs hung neatly by a wooden bar. I had never seen this before, but it worked beautifully. The concept is two wooden bars cut the length of the rug, one bar routed out. The end of the rug fits into this groove and the top bar is screwed into place over it to hold the rug edge tightly. This distributes the weight of the rug and means that you don't have to sew anything special on the back of the rug.

I found this rug hanger website by Quality Wood by googling rug hangers. The picture of this hanger is from the Quality Wood vendor.

I haven't ordered from this vendor (yet) so I can't speak to the quality, but I'm sure there are other on-line vendors who sell a similar product. Let me know if any of you have experience with purchasing this type of product and using it. Just put your review in the comments here.

UPDATE: Going Gray has beautiful rug hangers that look very similar.