New forum box for TEN-MINUTE CHALLENGE

I have uploaded a new forum box for discussions about the TEN-MINUTE CHALLENGE. It is sponsored by The Blog Frog. It is the brown box in the sidebar labeled "My Community." I have moved the old discussion box to the bottom of the sidebar for now while we try out the one from Blog Frog. If Blog Frog doesn't work, we can always return to the old box.

I have not been happy with the Blogger discussion box because it doesn't seem to function on real time, it won't identify the posters so we have to remember to sign off our names, it won't allow for picture posts or html links to be left easily. All of this is resolved with the new Blog Frog forum box which will allow picture uploads and links to be left and i.d.s.

The downside? Posters have to initially sign in to the Blog Frog and upload a profile picture (if you want your picture to show up on your posts). I hope this isn't too much trouble because the ability to post pictures of our progress and links to blog posts and websites will greatly enhance the forum I think and outweigh the negatives.