I haven't posted a finished picture of Transfiguration yet because I had sent it to be considered for the Celebration contest. Today I received notification that the rug did not make the cut. So now I am free to upload a photo here. I hope that my blogger friends who entered rugs in the contest got acceptance letters! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

2009. 30" by 31". 4-cut. Original. Designed, dyed and hooked by April DeConick.


upon tabor
midnight rests
ruah is calling you
her breath upon your skin
her wind, your hair
long have I awaited you my daughter

welling up
bursting crystalis
outpouring spirit
body to flame
take my hand
we are the same
before eve was I am

Here is the design that inspired me to create this rug and poem. It is from an alchemical book of emblems produced in Latin in 1617 by Michael Maier. It is emblem #1 in Atalanta Fugiens.