Domain name frustration

This is another report about my transfer to a new web space for my blog and expanded web site.

I made a big mistake. Before I found, I was toying with Because I thought I was going to go with them, I registered my new domain name ( with them. This means that they take my domain name and register it with an external registry company.

Well, now I need to transfer that name to my Squarespace account so that will be my new address and take you to my Squarespace site. BUT Wordpress registers its users' domain names in such a way that I cannot not point it to a new account. What I have to do is transfer my domain name from the registry that Wordpress uses to another registry company that will allow me to redirect the address away from Wordpress to Squarespace. And guess what, I can't do this for 60 days. It's a rule in the internet register world.

So how frustrating is this? The way Wordpress registers domain names makes it impossible for you to point the name to any internet space you want. It will only work to point to Wordpress blogs. So my domain name has been restricted to one host. To fix this, I have to transfer my domain name to another company and then link it to my Squarespace location, but I can't do this for two months.

So my advice, if you are looking for a new internet host and want your own domain name, do not do register it through unless you are absolutely sure you are staying with them. Go to another registry like those provided by Network Solutions or Nettica. These will allow you to point your domain name to any host at any time.

What this appears to mean for me thanks to my ignorance about how internet hosts actually operate is that my move to my new Squarespace web site is not going to take place until my 60-day period is over and I can transfer my domain name to a new registry company.