2010 Abstract Rug Challenge begins

I received enough positive feedback about this challenge that we have created a group forum on Rug Hooking Daily HERE. Please pass word around.

Joining is as easy as clicking the button "Join this group" on RHD page.

This challenge has two goals: to learn about abstract art and to hook an original abstract rug.

1. Each month, challengers will read and discuss published information about abstract art.
2. Challengers are encouraged to go to an art museum at least once during the year to view abstract art and share their experiences of it by writing about it on the group's comment wall.
3. Challengers will complete at least one hooked abstract project, no less than 400 square inches, in any shape, using any materials that will hook.
4. Challenge will be completed on December 31, 2010.
5. Challengers are encouraged to discuss their progress, ask questions, upload pictures, share information and support via the group's comment wall.
6. In order to organize things, we will reserve the Discussion Forums for our discussion of the published materials we are reading and the art museums we are touring.
7. Challengers may decide to jointly publish an article in ATHA Newsletter or Rug Hooking Magazine about the challenge and its results.