Cabbage Rose Purse

Last December when I hooked my sister a cabbage rose coaster for her tea mug, I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice to enlarge this cabbage rose and make a purse out of it?" Well this is the week that I'm doing it. I got tired of hooking the colors of the abstract rug and waffling, so I went over to Kinkos and enlarged my cabbage rose pattern. I hooked the first side (pictured) with English Lavender (110) 8-values; Sugar Plum (111) 8-values; Stormy Seas (122) 8-values; dapple dyed pieces of all three. The rose measures 12" by 12" so it is a BIG rose.

My plan is to hook a second rose (same pattern) in different colors, maybe Million Dollar Red and Flame. And to add a cottingham garden surprise. So stay tuned for that.

The purse is going to retain the blossom shape. I just have to figure out how to put the purse together when I'm finished hooking the two pieces. Wish me luck! If I'm successful with the finish - that is, it looks professional - I have an idea to create a series of these blossom purses which I'm thinking of calling Cottingham Blossom Purses.

UPDATE: I didn't like the pink flecks in the purple dapple dye in this piece. So I have removed them and replaced them with dapple dyed strips of English Lavender #110.