Cottingham Blossom Purses: Cabbage Rose

I finished the second side of the cabbage rose purse last night, with the surprise ~ a fairy sitting among the petals. Since I'm using this a sample, I chose to hook the second side in a different color set: Million Dollar Red (8-value pack; texture pack) and Flame (8-value pack; dapple pack). The green is Mossy Glen (dapple pack). The cabbage rose can be hooked with or without the fairy. But since I love fairies and I love surprises, I included her on my sample.

As for finishing, I decided to go with Antique Black. Not all blacks are the same, and so I process my black the same as all my other wools. I overdye it with dyes from my palette. This creates a black that is harmonious with any of my colors and the perfect neutral.

The first step of finishing is to use a stretch zig zag around the hooking. I go around twice, using my machine foot as a guide against the hooking, and then against the stitching. I trim close to the stitching. Next I am hand binding the black onto the top of the purse and creating a rolled edge. On the lavender rose, I am starting to hand bind the gusset onto the right side.

More later, hopefully when it is finished!