Presenting Jonathan the Lion

What do I like about this piece?  I like the way that it is an abstract while still maintaining a figure.  When it was finished, I was so pleased to see how my abstract work these last two years is now breaking into my figural art.  If I look only at elements of the rug and not the whole piece, I am viewing colors abstractly flowing into each other and tiled against each other.  But when I take in the entire rug, not only is a lion clearly in view, but a very particular lion.  There is no mistaking that this is a picture of Jonathan the lion at the Houston Zoo.

2011.  Jonathan the Lion.  Original.  25" by 30".  Designed, dyed and hooked by April D. DeConick.  Red Jack Palette Wools used: 8-value packs~Hubbard Fig 119; Butterfield 122; Sunkissed Gold 157; Somerset Sunset 104; Goodfellow Yellow 105; Black Orchid 146; Highland Lilac 133; Faune Brown 114; Milkweed 115; Sea Shells 142. Texture packs~Hubbard Fig 119 (value 5 and 8); Sunkissed Gold 157 (value 5); Goodfellow Yellow 105 (value 5); Faune Brown 114 (value 2 and 8).