Back to my Palette Constellation Rug

Now that I have finished with the lion, I am returning to work on my Palette Constellation Rug, the nine foot long rug that displays my entire dye palette.  Each of the 67 colors in their 8 values is arranged by family in terms of how that particular color was created.  So it is a chart of 12 rows and 12 columns that reference the color wheel. 

I am half way done at this juncture.  I like hooking on this rug, except that every other panel I find that I have to get out my dye pots and dye up the color I need for it.  So it is slow going.

But when this rug is finished, I will have a visual color reference for each of the 67 colors that make up my wool palette.  This should make color planning, as well as dyeing, so much easier.  The trouble is going to be finding a place to hang a 9 foot long rug.