Sisters on Pier

Sisters on Pier 2012

Photo Mini Album Series


Sisters on Pier 2012.  8" by 7".  Designed, dyed and hooked by April DeConick from scraps.

I finished another Photo Mini for my hooked album.  It is getting excited seeing these come together so nicely.  I am amazed how fast they are to hook and how cute they come out.  Very impressionistic of course because the space is so small.  But it is honing my skills with value.  I still think my portraits are more successful than landscapes even in the minis.  It is nice to know that I now have a way to use my scraps.

This Photo Mini is called "Sisters on Pier".  It is me on the left and my sister Tiffany on the right.  We are on the pier at Charlevoix in Michigan, one of the most picturesque settings in the world.  The red lighthouse is behind us, towering over the channel that goes out into Lake Michigan.  My sister and I aren't able to spend that much time together since I live in Houston and she lives near Ann Arbor, Michigan.  This photo is special because it reminds me of being kids together snuggled up on my Grandpa's boat going down the channel into Lake Michigan for a day trip to Petoskey.  My parents and grandparents had cottages on Lake Charlevoix forty years ago.  We spent many summers cruising on the lake and docking along the piers at Charlevoix.  Great memories.