Building a Photo Minis Book

I corresponded with Michele Wise yesterday who has made four hooked books.  She was so kind to suggest using the plastic net sheets that people use to for yarn crafts to stiffen the pages.  What a great idea! 

Grand Tea for Three  Photo Album page

Grand Tea for Three

Photo Album page

So this morning I hauled over to JoAnn's and picked up some sheets.  I came home and sewed black wool on the back, turned the fabric, slid in the plastic sheet, and then sewed along the book binding edge a row of snaps on ribbon strip.  My idea is to snap the pages together as I make them. 

So that means I am on to my next sheet even though a I have two major rug projects waiting in the wings.  These photo minis are just too much fun!  And fast, which I like.  Here is my next sheet ready to go.  These photos were taken on Lake Michigan at the far end of Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Those who are familiar with the area know that it was quite a hike through the Dunes to get there, so the water felt great, even though startling cold. 

Photo Mini Series

Photo Mini Series