A Second Photo Mini

Finished up the second photo mini album sheet today.  It is bound and snapped onto the first page, so I now have the start of an album with two pages and three pictures!  These two photo minis are of us on the beach of Lake Michigan after we made the arduous trek across Sleeping Bear Dunes.

On the left is my photo mini No Shoes, 6" by 9".  On the right is No Suit, 6" by 9".  Wade and Alex are walking hand-in-hand, barefoot on the stony beach since they forgot to pack water shoes.  I am on the left in the water in my underpants because I forgot to pack my suit.  The water was cold!

 No Shoes  (left);  No Suit  (right)   Photo Mini Series

No Shoes (left); No Suit (right)

Photo Mini Series