Dragon on My Shoulder

I have decided to take a break from big rugs for a while and return to my photo minis.  This time I have selected a number of photos that I love and I am hooking them in 7" by 7" squares. 

As for binding, I am not going to put them into an album like I did the others.  Instead I am going to try to stretch them on 10" by 10" gallery wrapped canvas.  I will go and get the canvas tomorrow and stretch my first mini.  But I wanted to post the little picture today.

It is all created from scraps.  Nothing new was cut.  The mini is called Dragon on My Shoulder and is inspired by a picture I took of Alexander at the Renaissance Fair this October when he purchased his first shoulder dragon and carried it around perched on his shoulder for the entire day.  What fun it was!

Dragon on My Shoulder 2013

7" by 7".  Designed, dyed and hooked by April D. DeConick from #6-cut scraps.

Inspiration photo

Inspiration photo