New blog on wheat-free baking

As some of you know, I have one of those bodies that has decided to identify certain things I eat as allergens.  These shift around every year, and last month I found out that now, in addition to being allergic to cow dairy and yeast, I also must stop eating wheat. 

This knowledge hit me hard right before Christmas.  I love baking so much, I couldn't imagine a life without real chocolate chip cookies or scones or pies.  So I set about doing research on the web and trying to figure out the ins and outs of cooking without gluten.

My sister and her family visited at Christmas and they said they wanted to support me and go gluten-free too.  So my sister and I started a blog about our adventures converting our wonderful wheat-reliant family recipes into wheat-free delights. 

I am trying to get search engines to pick up the blog address.  So if you could pass it on to people you think might be interested in it, it would make me happy to know that Tiffany and I might give encouragement to people like me who have to be gluten-free and don't really know how to go about it.