Charlie Check-in

I was able to work on Charlie over the weekend - at guild on Saturday and during the evening yesterday.  I have completed his face now and the entire right side.  I am moving over top of his head now and then down the left side. 

Charlie will measure 18" by 24" when complete.  So he is a big guy staring at me.

Charlie detail of green gray

As I am hooking in the colors, I am delighted with how one of the grays is taking on a green tone next to the dark purples. 

I have decided to try to match the value of the beauty line on the edge of the rug with the colors of the chimpanzee that I have hooked up to the edge.  I wonder if, when I bind the rug off with my wool binding, it will be worth the effort to similarly match the value of the binding to the value of the beauty line.  This would give the impression of no edge, or at least no constant edge limiting the rug.

Charlie in progress