Remember the biblical women at Easter

Some of you may know that my "other" life outside of the rug world is that of a professor in the religion department at Rice.  I recently published a short piece on Huffington Post about remembering the women that stood by the cross.  A link to the article is HERE.


Today is Holy Saturday.  It is a solemn day for churches everywhere.  Here in Houston, I have helped three other women put together a musical production called Easter in Memory of Her.  It is being performed at Christ Church Cathedral today from 4-5 pm. 

We are hoping that today from 4-5 pm Christians across the nation will take out time to remember the women who were Jesus' steadfast followers, who courageously stood by him as he died, and helped to lay his body in the tomb.  More information on this performance can be found HERE, which is a link to a public radio preview of our performance.