Starting a new rug for a new year: Satu the Tiger

My job has been keeping me very busy and I have been too tired in the evenings to do very much in terms of rug hooking.  I have finished a few more snapshot photos so that Nine is now complete.  All nine of the 10" by 10" canvases are hung in my dining room, showing Alexander from year one to nine.  The only reason I finished them when I did is that I had a deadline.  Watch for my soon-to-be-published article on hooking wool snapshots in Rug Hooking Magazine.

Satu the Tiger.  The subject of my rug.

Satu the Tiger.  The subject of my rug.

Today I decided that I need to start another BIG rug.  And I have decided to track the hours it takes me to complete it since everyone always wants to know how many hours are in my rugs.  I decided on a subject.  It is going to be my third rug in the Faces of the Houston Zoo series.  This one is a photo we took of Satu, a male tiger we saw over the Christmas holidays when we visited the zoo. 

I am going to track on this blog my progress on the rug.  So let's begin today with what I did.  I am logging in my first two hours to prepare my visuals.  I took the photo and cropped it to size in iPhoto at 36" by 48" since I want to mount the rug on a gallery wrapped canvas that size when I am finished hooking it. 

Then I played with the photo in my photo editing programs and filter programs until I got the image to showcase the value zones clearly.  After this, I put the photo into an photo enlargement program (I use Posterazor) and printed it out.  It took 30 sheets of paper to print, so there was quite a bit of taping involved.